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Deflectª UV Arm Covers

Deflectª UV Arm Covers

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The sun is both a strong ally and a superior foe, meaning that we need it to survive, but it's hell-bent on destroying us should we choose to worship it with our bare skin. For this reason, we created our Deflectª UV Arm Covers. Don't let the full-arm coverage fool you, as they aren't necessarily for keeping you warmÑalthough they could hit the sweet spot on a very moderate day. Instead, they were developed to keep your skin protected from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, all without sacrificing anything to comfort or temperature management with a next to skin Xylitol cooling print. To do so, we constructed them from a material that's about as fine as silk, our VaporRizeª fabric, that features a microdenier construction, meaning that you'll find it to be supportive and accommodating in all the right places. This has been coupled with a right & left specific design that prevents any unwanted pinching or chafing, all while serving up a UV 50+ level of protection.

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