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Stix Comp Headlight

Stix Comp Headlight

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Stix Comp Headlight

The benefits of versatile lights for use at night or during the day are huge, and with the Stix Comp headlight, you’ll enjoy a strong, bright light to guide you at night, while also providing the peace of mind you get from a light that beefs up your daytime visibility and safety. This tiny headlight packs a big punch, with 105 lumens of wide-angle light that can be seen from multiple directions. Its six light modes provide multiple options for day or night, while runtime is up to 22.5 hours, depending on the mode you choose. The Stix is easily and conveniently charged via USB.

  • 36 to 105 lumens output.
  • 1.5 hours to 22.5 hours runtime.
  • Charge in the USB port of any laptop or phone charger in two hours (no extra cables needed).
  • Flexible mounting system works with handlebars from 22.2mm up to 35mm in diameter (Aero strap mount available separately).
  • Six modes including: <ul><il>Steady High, 105 Lumens</il> <il>Steady Low, 36 Lumens</il> <il>Power Surge, 105 Lumens</il> <il>Power Flash, 105 Lumens</il> <il>Disco Flash, 36 Lumens</il> <il>Eco Flash, 36 Lumens</il></ul>
  • Four stage, battery charge level indicator.
  • Additional mounting options available separately.
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