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Women's Merino Seamless Short Sleeve Base Layer

Women's Merino Seamless Short Sleeve Base Layer

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The Merino Seamless Short Sleeve Base Layer is the holy grail of base layers. As cozy as your favorite pair of wool slippers, yet it transfers moisture like water going through osmosis. It's the perfect recipe for a cool-weather layer courtesy of its Merino and synthetic fabrics.

The science behind it is pretty simple. The synthetic yarns pull moisture away from the skin and distributes it across a large surface area where it can be rapidly evaporated. So when you think about it, no moisture buildup means that you won't experience any clammy chills as a result of dramatic temperature swings, and your skin, jersey, and jacket are going to remain dry in order to leave you comfortable.

So, when you need to remain consistently warm on chilly days, look no further than this cool weather staple.

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